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Deferred Compensation Plan

The Deferred Compensation Plan is a contractual agreement whereby a key employee, usually in a high income tax bracket, will receive a guaranteed number of fixed payments, or a lump sum beginning at retirement. An employee may defer some of his own compensation or an employer may contribute to an employees plan, or both. 

For the employee it can:

  • Allow the employee to remain in a lower tax bracket 
  • Provide money at retirement
  • Provide money for the family in the event of death

For the employer, it can:

  • Help retain a key employee
  • Attract a top employee
  • Be used excursively for select employees

In the deferred compensation contract, prepared by an attorney, the employer can agree to:

  • Pay the employee a specified salary at retirement for a specified number of years
  • Continue payments to the employee's beneficiary if the retired employee dies before receiving the full number of payments
  • Plans can be individually designed to meet specific needs


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